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Full-time rate:

Outstaffing Option

Flexi Rate:

Single irregular tasks

Senior developer - from €30/hour (€240/day)Senior developer - from €35/hour (€280/day)
Middle developer - from €20/hour (€160/day)Middle developer - from €25/hour (€200/day)



Our developer works as a remote member of your team for the duration of the project.


  • You can adjust the number of developers on the project as you see the need. Similarly, if you'd like to maintain the number of developers, you can vary the amount of time they spend working on your project – either saving you money, or saving your reputation by allowing you to meet deadlines as planned. With Neti you have no downtime as our employees are never sitting idle, meaning your costs are massively reduced.

  • If you have a large or regular amount of work you can book our developers for longer periods of time, and take advantage of additional discounts for doing so.



Software development on an as-and-when basis. You simply send us details of your requirements, these are logged into JIRA (our task-tracking system), then our quality assurance team will assess the project and accurately estimate timeframe (including testing and post-adjustments). Following your approval, the work begins and shortly after that the software is delivered to you as-and-when promised.

We actively encourage our customers use the JIRA system at their end so that they can monitor and comment on the job as it progresses. Such transparency is the key to our success and to building a strong working relationship for the future.


  • You only pay for the actual hours that the developers spends on your project.

  • The process is as flexible or as defined as you want it to be. We are happy to discuss additional specifications or follow-on projects at any point in the process.

Hundreds of companies are already enjoying the convenience of working with Neti and we look forward to welcoming you to our customer base.

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