20 June 2014

Free webinar on integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX and 1C

Новости Neti

July 22, 2014 Neti company conducts free training webinar on integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and 1C.

After Microsoft has launched a new version of its ERP-system - Axapta 2012 - Russian users are faced with the problem of compatibility with 1C. Today was an interesting situation. Currently integration module designed Neti, - the only solution on the market that works correctly with the new version of the program from Microsoft.

11 June 2014

Trip to Silicon Valley: serial production of startups and no illusions

Neti news

In May Neti company's co-founders visited Silicon Valley (California, USA) through a program GoValley.

During the internship it was able to talk with representatives from Google, Stanford University, GSV (incubator), Exadel,, Opera, IBuildApp, venture capitalists/angels and successful startups.

12 December 2013

MS Project Courses at Internation Business Educational Center "Link"

Новости Neti

International Business Education Center "Link" runs MS Project training courses and one of the tutors is Neti's COO - Sergey Polikarpov.

Attendees can learn the basics of MS Project software and various approaches in project management and resource planning as well.

The majority of courses audience is represented with project managers and team leaders who began to use MS Project software recently.

Sergey has a huge experience in project management and is a certified PME since 2012

29 November 2013

Neti Runs Internal AX2012 Training Cources

Новости Neti

A need in AX2012 development has risen greatly this year. In order to correspond customer's requests our company decided to run an extension course for our developers where they can learn how to develop for the latest version of ERP solution from Microsoft and what new features and peculiarities of AX2012 they may face. The course is held via GoToMeeting virtual classroom software so all our employees (in-house and remote ones) can take part in it. Today our team includes 11 developers that are able to code for AX2012.

11 October 2013

How Neti Performs on Outsourcing for Customers from Foreign Countries

Новости Neti

Today our company collaborates with numerous foreign customers from UK, US, Canada, Israel, Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

From year to year we observe a remarkable increase of hours amount that our developers spend for outsourcing facilities for our partners overseas. During nine month in 2013 we already have over 2700 hours spent for our foreign customers while for the whole year 2012 this amount was only 1120 hours.

The main platform we develop for is Microsoft Dynamics AX2012