18 September 2014

New clients. Whom did Neti begin to work with in summer

Major retailers, international holding companies and new operating cycle

31 July 2014

Neti will celebrate fiscal year closing in the hotel and entertainment complex “Dubay”

NETI company will celebrate fiscal year closing in the hotel complex Dubay. Neti will hold annual summer retreat on August 9-10 in Kazan. All remote workers from 8 cities all over Russia will come together in the hotel and entertainment complex on this weekend. Traditionally, Neti’s seminar is held in summer, after the closing of the fiscal year. Herewith, the fiscal year in the company do not coincide with the calendar and runs from 1 July to 30 June, as in some Western countries.

Oleg Khalilov, CEO Neti, will tell why this news may be interesting to our clients.

24 July 2014

First technical support hotline of ERP systems is now in Russia

Neti was the first in Russia that launched a hotline for Microsoft Dynamics AX users

— For the Russian market of ERP-systems support this is a revolutionary level, — Oleg Khalilov, company’s CEO says. — Outsourcing of ERP-solutions always included development only, but now Neti goes to customers’ hotline. This is the new level of outsourcing and ERP-solutions maintenance in Russia.

21 July 2014

Neti launches a new direction of activity – SAP development

In 2014 Neti began to develop for the most popular ERP platform.

Oleg Khalilov, company's CEO, tells about what SAP users should expect from cooperating with Neti, company’s management expectations while entering a new market segment and about the uniqueness of this new service.

20 June 2014

Neti customer base has increased by 11%

Kazan, June 20, 2014: After 5 months this year the number of Neti customers increased by 11% and reached 103.

The main growth was in May and June: 5 new customers.

"Our customer base growth statistics tells us that many new AX and NAV projects started this year, which require professional development resources." - said Ruslan Kafiatullin, deputy director of Neti.