28 March 2016

The three things we liked at the “Alfa-bank” business conference

Business stories, Igor ZingerMann and Internet-networking

The clients’ club meeting took place on February 18 in Kazan. Three hundred top-managers and business owners from Tatarstan took part in it, including managers from Neti.

Strange as it may seem such events are rare in Kazan. That’s why it was even more flattering to see that “Alfa-bank” can organize such conferences and get people together.

09 November 2015

Neti is sixty!

Новости Neti

People say this about jubilees. But we have another reason.

In 2015 we pay a lot of attention to customer service. We have developed the roadmap, we are introducing ITIL and ISO quality standards and adapt advanced American experience of customer oriented business. It yields fruit.

The inside changes

13 October 2015

Training in the USA: Boston, Zingerman’s

We visited Boston and took a customer service training course at Zingerman’s – a company with the best customer service in the USA.


15 June 2015

ITIL Implementation in Neti

Transition to new service delivery standards

A small company can work intuitively with approximate understanding of customer service.

But with the growth of business this approach can lead to glitches. More customers come, managers process more information, employees do more of current work. And if there are no clearly defined standards, guidelines and regulations blunders are inevitable and some tasks buzz.

Great service

09 June 2015

Roadmap: Neti great service

There is a number of figures in business analysis that we can polish up endlessly. Especially when these figures coincide with the key factors of company development. An example of such a figure is customer service.

We created a roadmap for service improvement. Here you can find out what is included there and what impact it has on customers and colleagues.

What for