Non-standard ways of developmer motivation

Updated: 01.12.2017
Новости Neti

Ruslan Kafiatullin spoke at a business conference last week. Participants were entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Ruslan shared Neti's experience - he talked about non-standard ways of motivation we use in the company and what technics we had to give up.

Why this topic?

The history of our company began in 2011. Now there are 40+ developers and consultants (Dynamics 365, AX and NAV) working at Neti, new directions have appeared. Employees work remotely from 27 cities and towns in Russia. Employees speak English well. And the company continues to grow. It was not easy to get where we are now. In his speech, Ruslan shared the possible difficulties that can occur when creating a remote team, and told how we eliminate these difficulties. Namely, what to do if:

  • You often do not see who you hire.
  • Weak communication between employees.
  • The personal influence and charisma of the "leader" are limited.
  • "Locals" hunt employees.

We will publish the full speech from the conference later smiley

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