Trip to Silicon Valley: serial production of startups and no illusions

Updated: 11.06.2014
Neti news

In May Neti company's co-founders visited Silicon Valley (California, USA) through a program GoValley.

During the internship it was able to talk with representatives from Google, Stanford University, GSV (incubator), Exadel,, Opera, IBuildApp, venture capitalists/angels and successful startups.

The main objective was to learn the experience (best practises) of the best IT companies in the world and answer the questions "how to create an atmosphere of innovation in the IT company", "how to build a " best office", "how to sell services Neti in the U.S.", "how to motivate employees," and also look to the future.

The Valley is considered to be "time machine" in our days. Professor at Stanford University have shown amazing development in the field of wearable gadgets for children, education, business, and medicine. For example, a capsule-tablet with different kinds of sensors, which allow to diagnose the human body when he/she ingests a capsule.

Offices of IT companies amazed their friendliness and care to employees. Each office has its own concept of nutrition staff. In Google 39 free cafe for employees, Microsoft has free refreshments, but accessible to all. In offices startups comfortable kitchen, integrated with recreation room, all the drawers crammed with food and drink. Many interesting ideas have taken note and will implement in the office Neti. It has already begun.

Among the residents of the Valley spread spirit of innovation and risk. It's no secret that only 3% of successful start-ups (97% unsuccessful and die at different stages). And it's in the Valley, where created all the infrastructure and more money than ideas. However, they all want to get them: as startups and investors. If the startup failed former startups goes to work in a large corporation (eg, Google or Facebook), there is hatching a new idea and then again trying to implement it through the mechanism of startups.

The Valley has some problems. Often people say about lack of staff and housing problems. Really, a small house in the Valley is worth $ 2-3 million. But we have seen and one more: the difficulty of creating a family. The most Valley's residents are men and find a soul mate is extremely problematic. We met a few Russian programmers who confirmed it. For all time in the Valley, we saw one child. Live comfortably here unlike in Moscow but family is a big problem.

We often meet people on bicycles. Then it turned out that they were the leaders, startups and even vice presidents of large companies (such as Opera). These "bikes billionaires" in jeans or shorts reflect the essence of the Valley: live the way you want, here are judged by your success, investment and not the external trappings of wealth.

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