How Neti Performs on Outsourcing for Customers from Foreign Countries

Updated: 11.10.2013
Новости Neti

Today our company collaborates with numerous foreign customers from UK, US, Canada, Israel, Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

From year to year we observe a remarkable increase of hours amount that our developers spend for outsourcing facilities for our partners overseas. During nine month in 2013 we already have over 2700 hours spent for our foreign customers while for the whole year 2012 this amount was only 1120 hours.

The main platform we develop for is Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

Our developers communicate with our foreign partner’s representatives in English but for companies from former USSR (Ukraine and Kazakhstan) we use Russian as well. Our developers can work as dedicated teams (up to three developers within) and individually - depending on a projects specifications.

Some customers decided to promote our developers to lead developer position. This fact indicates an extremely high level of trust and confidence


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