20 March 2018

Eugene about his business trip to Spain

Новости Neti

All the first week from 7 to 19 I was in the office, there was no chance to see the town. I was fascinated by the weather and plenty of tangerine-trees, whose fruit is uneatable as people say.

On Friday the departure was planned later so I could appreciate the view from the window: neat houses and mountains covered in snow. Unfortunately photos do not convey the real impression at all.

01 February 2018

Road show in Russia and Europe

Новости Neti

December 2017 was rich with business trips and meetings. We visited Latvia, Moscow, St Petersburg and Bulgaria.

Meeting with a potential customer in Latvia

At the end of November we met our potential client, a large diary producer. We had an opportunity to tell about our experience and what we can offer.

01 December 2017

Non-standard ways of developmer motivation

Новости Neti

Ruslan Kafiatullin spoke at a business conference last week. Participants were entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Ruslan shared Neti's experience - he talked about non-standard ways of motivation we use in the company and what technics we had to give up.

Why this topic?

23 November 2017

Excellent students from Neti

Новости Neti

Not long ago several guys from our team passed the AX7 development exams (Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO). That’s what they say about it.


I’ve passed the AX365 development exam. It was the third certification I’ve passed in my life, but I’ve never got such support and help before. I am so grateful to the company and to Dmitry personally. It’s nice, that Neti supports and stimulates aspiration for professional development.

12 May 2017

Life without the office

Новости Neti

Many respectable sites (RBK, Cossa and others) tell us about business without an office experience in Russia and other countries. Employees start working remotely. Traffic jams, waking up early, rent expenses seem to be far away in the past.