24 June 2014

Tip - How to prevent removal for a particular dataSource in "EcoResProductPerCompanyLPInteraction" class and similar?


How to prevent removal for a particular dataSource in "EcoResProductPerCompanyLPInteraction" class and similar?



fds = this.listPage (). activeRecord ("InventTable"). dataSource (); fds.allowDelete (! isArchive);

18 June 2014

VS doesn't show new fields in the temporary table of SSRS-report

Question: I added new fields in the temporary table of SSRS-report . After deployment I don't see them in VS, although when debugging I see them.


Option 1.
1. Remove RDL file on Reporting server.
2. Restart the SSRS service.
3. Redeploy report.

Option 2.
Update dataset, save and close. Open rdl file.

19 February 2014

How to copy roles from one user to another in Dynamics AX2012

Today we would like to share How to copy roles from one user to another in Dynamics AX2012.

22 November 2013

Found an error in the mechanism of the master planning AX2012!

Version Dymanics AX 2012 R2, an application 6.2.1000.1219

Found an error in the mechanism of the master planning when working with applications for purchase. The essence of the problem: the calculation of the coating is not considered presence of established jackdaw consider stocks in the settings the master plan.



Look class ReqRequisitionsHelper, method initReqTransFromRequisitionLine (

18 January 2013

What if there was a simple?

So, come to this terrible hour - you had a simple ... "How is that? What do I do now? "- In horror reader will ask. "Do not be afraid! I'll save you all! "- I answer you with a proud expression on his face Captain. Now together we try to figure out what it is - a simple, try to classify it, and find ways to effectively and for the benefit of the public and private benefits of this simple to use.

17 January 2013

Security audit finds dev OUTSOURCED his JOB to China to goof off at work

A security audit of a US critical infrastructure company last year revealed that its star developer had outsourced his own job to a Chinese subcontractor and was spending all his work time playing around on the internet.

The firm's telecommunications supplier Verizon was called in after the company set up a basic VPN system with two-factor authentication so staff could work at home. The VPN traffic logs showed a regular series of logins to the company's main server from Shenyang, China, using the credentials of the firm's top programmer, "Bob".

15 January 2013

Selection of data using triggers OnFindRecord, OnNextRecord form in Navision

The purpose of this publication - to describe the ability to filter the data in a form on a "virtual" field using the methods and OnFindRecord OnNextRecord forms in the system Navision (Dynamics NAV). This question is partially lighted at many online resources, but complete decomposition "on the shelves" with concrete examples found in almost unreal. In preparation for publication were collected almost all the "bumps" of the filtration method.

11 January 2013

Productive development or how to write code without affecting the brain and nerves

Many developers, and not only that, faced with stressful situations at work and side effects, such as constant irritability, etc., after working hours. Next I will try to formulate the basic criteria for productive development without compromising their own health and common sense.

(By the example of Dynamics 365)

01 December 2012

Quick reports OWC in Axapta (Dynamics AX)


Today we open the categories in which we will lay out some interesting examples for Dynamics AX.

Suppose a client asks you to write a report on the availability of materials in the warehouse. What not to write a separate report, you can use a ready functionality quick reports. Quick reports are simple and easy to use interface and lets you:

24 October 2012

Basics of creating SSRS reports in Axapta (AX 2012)

The current version of Axapta, namely Dynamics AX 2012 (the AX2012) all reporting is built on MS Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS), the use of old technology reporting is possible, but not desirable, and create reports in AX2012-based SSRS not quite trivial . To help new developers, we decided to write a short article describing the minimum necessary steps to create a report based on the SSRS.

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