Quick reports OWC in Axapta (Dynamics AX)

Updated: 01.12.2012
Quick reports OWC in Axapta (Dynamics AX)


Today we open the categories in which we will lay out some interesting examples for Dynamics AX.

Suppose a client asks you to write a report on the availability of materials in the warehouse. What not to write a separate report, you can use a ready functionality quick reports. Quick reports are simple and easy to use interface and lets you:

• Quickly create and customize any report;
• Use to report any data source;
• Use data OLAP cubes;
Creation, configuration and reporting is performed in the form of a list of reports:


Reporting settings performed on the "Settings" tab:


Description of settings report:
• Label field - specifies the name and the binding parameters of the report;
• Connection String - specifies the connection string in the general format of the data source;
• The name of the cube - the name of the cube to work with OLAP server;
• The query - the query text or stored procedure SQL Server to retrieve data report;
• XmlData - keeps your report, the group, the general form shapes, colors.
The report then looks like this:


After filling out the parameters of the report and clicking "Generate" you can now configure the display of the report form
• The adjustment is made with standard menu items OWC;
• When done, you can save it;
• The next time the form of the report will immediately previously customized look.
Source: SharedProject_PivotTable
Author: Dmitry Isakov


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