What if there was a simple?

Updated: 18.01.2013
What if there was a simple?

So, come to this terrible hour - you had a simple ... "How is that? What do I do now? "- In horror reader will ask. "Do not be afraid! I'll save you all! "- I answer you with a proud expression on his face Captain. Now together we try to figure out what it is - a simple, try to classify it, and find ways to effectively and for the benefit of the public and private benefits of this simple to use.

The first thing we need to understand - is the very essence of the word "simple." In the context of this article, it means a kind of pause in production. Here is that same, we should pause to make productive use. Here (note - very quickly!) we came to the second important concept - the type of downtime. In real life, simple is usually classified according to the area of ​​responsibility - the customer or the performer (depending on it is assigned a target for throwing cones) - and duration. To simplify the classification of simple offer only in duration.

So, if your is simple:

• From 15 minutes to 1 hour - rest. Ideally, away from the computer and the system you are working with (Navision, Axapta, etc.). Drink tea or coffee, play tennis, do battle on your gaming console to the other suffering. In the end, take a walk or just sit-dreaming about vacation.

• From 1:00 to 5:00 - look at some foreign film in the original language (of course, you have a little bit to understand this language and use subtitles for better absorption). 

•  5 to 8 hours - almost certainly you have accumulated a lot of experience in the subject area in which you work. So this is the time when you should share this experience. Write an article. A big, beautiful and very useful. Or small, but no less beautiful and useful. Or even several. Do you think that do not have enough talent? Not at all! Just start and see that it is very easy. For example, I often in my spare time I write an article on Navision.

• From 8:00 (equivalent to one business day) to a few days - it's time to learn something new - a new feature of the system is already used by you, or the current functionality of the system you want to learn whether Navision, Axapta or any other system.

• More than one working week - maybe you should think about the administrative leave and clear away all those everyday things that you have accumulated. Or consistently perform all of the above.

The variant, when you do not know the exact period of inactivity, but leave the office you did not. In this case, as in the simple than one working week, it makes sense to perform aforesaid recommendations consistently.
I hope these thoughts will seem robust.

Author: Rafael Batyrshin


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