11 January 2018

Trust, but do not betray your principles

How small business shall work with major contracts. Opinion of Ruslan Kafiatullin from Neti


Projects from scratch are always risky

As a rule, implementation projects from scratch are always accompanied by rough duration estimate (from 6 months) and high risks of non-payment by client on the outcome. Consequently, it leads to risk of bankruptcy of the whole project company.  

14 November 2017

In-house vs. outsourced IT-specialists?

Why outsourcing company is more effective than In-house IT-specialists 

There are situations when in-house specialists spend most of their time awaiting requests or they cannot get their work done due to equipment breakdown (which happens less often). This may be called idle time in IT.

Idle time is a temporary suspension of works. Companies pay for idle time of in-house IT-specialists. But it may have a negative impact on the company economics as a whole.

26 September 2017

How to pass the Microsoft Dynamics AX Development exam remotely?

Microsoft Dynamics AX program decisions are constantly improving. At first, innovations come to European companies, and only after that to Russian enterprises.

We aspire to be one step ahead in this process because we work for the European market as well. Taking part in exams like these allows us to keep our hand in.

We have written that 4 of our colleagues passed the AX7 development (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations) exams recently. But it was not the end of the story.

28 August 2017

EMEA Summit 2017 in the Russians participants’ eyes

Notes of the summit and of Dynamics market in Russia.


Neti has been specializing in AX development since 2003. Our sphere of interest is the cutting-edge MS Dynamics technology. We find, study and implement advanced western experience in Russia. In April we set off for EMEA Summit in Amsterdam and discovered a lot.

Personal opinion. We do not pretend to be objective. These are our travel notes.

14 June 2016

Fix RPC error 1702 when calling a WinAPI method from a batch job

You may get the error “RPC error: RPC exception 1702 occurred in session xxx” in the Windows Event Log when some batch job is running. The error details are "The binding handle is invalid".  You can find the list of RPC errors here. This error is thrown because methods those are supposed to be executed on client actually were called on server in the batch mode.

Here is an example:

30 May 2016

Access denied to method processReport in…

Sometimes you can face this error even if you set up security policy properly:

The class that raised this error extends SRSReportDataProviderBase.

public class AnkPriceListDP extends SRSReportDataProviderBase 
public void processReport()

The method is an entry point for the SysOperationProcess class. 

30 May 2016

“Manual code profiler” is used to analyze code’s performance

AX’s Code Profiler has some well-known problems.

1. Performance problems: collecting data can last very long if the analyzed code execution take more time. If the analyzed code executes in 30 minutes, then the data collection will be processed in few hours. In sum you try to modify your code and wait another few hours to see the result.

2. Code Profiler have some bugs (in AX 3.0 for example) and shows wrong result values.

30 March 2016

Simplification the comments' inputting and projects' creation

This is a small project which one simplifies projects’ templates’ creation. Also it lets mention project name, related to changes, in project’s comments.

04 March 2016

Extending opportunities with AX 2012 XDS

How to create flexible tables’ elements’ access solution using AX 2012 XDS.

What is XDS in AX 2012

It is a new functionality which lets restrict access to datasets based on Query for either all users or users with specified role (or by other conditions).

15 February 2016

Pivot table in Excel from AX 2012

Using ComExcelDocument_RU

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